About Our Chamber


Strengthening and Promoting the Shared Interests of our Business Community


ChamberWest was created in 1963 as the Granger-Hunter Chamber of Commerce.  Over the years, the chamber has operated under several names, namely:Granger-Hunter Chamber of CommerceValley West Chamber of CommerceWest Valley-Taylorsville-Kearns Chamber of Commerce, Salt Lake County Business Alliance in 2001 and added East Valley Chamber in 2011.  Lastly in September 2014, we became the ChamberWest representing the business communities of West Valley City, City of Taylorsville, Kearns Township, and the Millcreek Township.

The ChamberWest offers several unique benefits for its members unlike many other associations.

  • The chamber does not rely on large government contracts for operations making the chamber a regional, independent, not-for-profit business association under IRS 501(c)6 rules.
  • Home of the exclusive Benefits-365(tm) offering discounts on UPS shipping, print and radio advertising, office supplies, fleet insurance, dental insurance and more.  Save more than your membership dues just by using your chamber membership to SAVE!
  • The chamber only does business with chamber members and ALL products and services used by the Chamber are local, Utah-based business or business with facilities in Utah.  Your dues and investments stay local strengthening our local economy.
  • The chamber employs experienced and professional staff with more than 38 collective years of experience assisting business in West Valley City, Taylorsville, Kearns and Millcreek.  This experience includes leadership, management, accounting, marketing and customer service.
  • ChamberWest has a 15-member Board of Directors that govern the strategic plan of the chamber.  Any member in good standing may be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors.

Policy Statement - Energy Production and Conservation

ChamberWest recognizes that western Salt Lake County’s energy and natural resource requirements need to be designed today based on future growth.  This future growth along the “West Bench” of the Oquirrh Mountains will require adequate water and sewer delivery systems as well as electrical, telecommunication, solid waste and natural gas infrastructure.  Elected leaders in Utah must insure these needs can be supplied timely in the state where growth warrants the investment in order to balance the needs of a populace and the conservation of the environment.  Promoting the wise use of emerging technologies can assist in solving energy issues.

In regard to Energy, ChamberWest supports all forms of renewable and current energy production technologies including nuclear, coal, gas, wind and solar.  Discussions on energy should include conservation programs for all resources. ChamberWest believes that all forms of energy production should be placed on the table for full discussion with preference given to domestic production.  Domestic production is the only way to insure a long-term, free market system with job creation and stability.  Tax incentives should be encouraged to promote domestic production.

Public Policy

ChamberWest is Your Business Advocate

Standing for Business at the Utah State Capitol

ChamberWest takes a leading role in advocating and lobbying on behalf of businesses in our community with the support of our Legislative Affairs Committee, our board leadership and membership as a whole.

Policy statements are generated by our Legislative Affairs Committee for approval by the Board of Directors. Once approved by the Board of Directors, the policy document provides a steering document for the Legislative Affairs Committee and staff to work with in promoting business interests.

Past policies have included transportation, energy, and government competition in the private sector.  In 2016 forward, we expect a very vibrant Legislative Affairs Committee focusing on Energy, Economic Development, Transportation, Air Quality, Education, Utilities and more to be developed in preparation for the 2017 Legislative Session.  ChamberWest is also happy to work at a local level in a collaborative fashion with city and county officials on policies impacting business.

ChamberWest is your advocate for a positive business climate.  Working collaboratively with elected officials at all levels, we are happy to assist member organizations with specific issues.

Being Involved

Below is a link to help our members connect with their legislators

Policy Statements

Policy Statement - Unfair Government Competition

ChamberWest supports legislation and regulations that prohibit federal, state, and local governments from entering into competition with the private sector. An exception is when goods and/or services are inherently governmental, must be performed by the government, or require the government to focus on its core mission functions.

Press Release - School District Split

Business Community says “Not Now” on School Split Ballot Question


West Valley City – ChamberWest, the chamber of commerce representing the businesses of West Valley City, Taylorsville, Millcreek, and Kearns, believes that it is premature to place the question of splitting school districts on the November ballot. The business community recognizes that education is a public good whereby businesses and residents in the entire county benefit from the education opportunities provided.

Two key concerns that the chamber believes should be resolved prior to the question appearing on an upcoming or future ballot are:

  • Motivated by self-preservation after the initial split, other cities and communities could create additional smaller districts. Remaining geographic areas may be required into a new or an existing school district without a vote of their residents and without an appropriate study to determine the feasibility of these isolated areas. The results of which may likely be more costly for residents and businesses. Unlike options available to incorporate a city, education is not optional.
  • No provisions for financial equity. Education is a public good whereby communities and businesses benefit collectively. Commerce and employment are conducted broadly throughout the county and crosses all political lines. Therefore, all should participate in the delivery of education, wherever it may be needed.

ChamberWest respectfully requests the Salt Lake County Council vote NO on placing the school district split question on this November’s ballot.

ChamberWest is the recognized chamber of commerce for West Valley City, Taylorsville, Millcreek, and Kearns area. ChamberWest serves nearly 550 member businesses, small and large, with access to nearly 220,000 residents and 5,100 licensed businesses. As such, the Chamber is committed to contributing to business development and economic prosperity and promoting a positive community and business atmosphere.

Policy Statement - Transportation and Mass Transit

ChamberWest supports maximizing the region’s use of transportation dollars towards initiatives and projects that improve multi-jurisdictional coordination, reduce congestion, improve air quality, and provide better mobility options to strengthen economic prosperity. Transportation projects should generally coincide with usage of transportation modes. We feel this is the best way of addressing congestion, mobility and air quality.

ChamberWest believes that safe and efficient highways, including mass transit, are necessary to support economic development throughout Utah. What happens with transportation around the state has an impact to economic development and commerce along the Wasatch Front and in West Valley City, Taylorsville, Millcreek,  and Kearns.

Highways- ChamberWest supports continued funding for planning, design, and construction of safe and efficient regional highway facilities in order to:

  • Meet workforce needs;
  • Insure that businesses have the mobility to move goods and services; and
  • Help businesses respond to customer needs safely, competitively, and efficiently.

Mass Transit- ChamberWest supports continued funding as needed to expand and improve mass transit in order to provide adequate transportation for strengthening all aspects of community. Priority should be placed in the growing western Salt Lake County area.

Policy Statement - Mountain View Corridor

ChamberWest supports the right-of-way acquisition and construction of Mountain View Corridor as a vital west-side freeway and not a toll road. ChamberWest encourages transportation leaders to review and find alternative funding options and funding diversification for the Mountain View Corridor to maintain its free usage. This corridor is necessary for economic development and prosperity and is urgently needed to handle the planned residential and commercial growth over the next several decades.