• Tax Reform - The Conversations Continue

    Tax Reform - The Conversations Continue

    The conversations continue as the Utah State Legislature’s Restructuring and Equalization Task Force travel throughout the state on a listening tour with eight scheduled Town Halls. ChamberWest had the opportunity to host the second Town Hall in Salt Lake County on June 27th with many business owners and leaders in attendance who shared concerns and recommendations.  At the Town Hall last night, Representative Francis Gibson shared “This is not a money problem, but a flexibility and allocation problem.”  
    The Task Force has provided a six step process which includes:  1) Conduct Public Listening Tour; 2) Verify Challenge & Need; 3) Explore & Consider Options; 4) Analyze and Refine Options; 5) Recommend Restructuring Pathway; and 6) Legislative Consideration.  They have launched their website –https://strongerfutures.utah.gov which provides options for engaged citizens of Utah to share recommendations for consideration with the task force members.  Informed public input is a critical part of the equation as the task force members consider how best to restructure the state’s funding imbalance. The website provides opportunities for task force members to hear directly from more citizens with insight on how best to address and improve the current tax structure.  Watch a video, plan to attend a town hall, read up on what is being presented for consideration, and/or submit a comment to ensure your voice is heard.
    Photos from the event:

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