The ChamberWest Leadership Institute program is designed to challenge and engage leaders in professional and personal growth while inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit in building a better community.  The program provides a first-class leadership program that prepares individuals for a larger role in their organization and in the greater community.

Monthly sessions include a book study component which many have reported a being the favorite portion of the entire program. Our 2017 program is as follows:

“Orientation and Team Building” – An ice breaker activity, overnight stay and program focused on creating a dynamic and engaged group in kicking off the 10 month program

“Winning with Teams” featuring connections and interactions with our Police, Fire and SWAT organizations – Teams with life and death decisions

“How Leaders Engage – Community Services and Paying it Forward” – Insight into community programs as highlighted by leadership in their organizations with a service project

“People First – Customers, Community & Employees” – HR perspectives and conversations with highlighted companies who have engaged with employees in providing stellar customer service or involvement in community

“Business Health – Relevance and Viability through Continuous Improvement” – Tours of organizations and conversations with leaders of organizations of different sizes and industries

“Politically Speaking – Legislative Impact on Policy” – Legislators, Legislative Affairs, a Lobbyist Perspective, along with tours and and insight into the legislative process

“Strategic Planning” – Insights into companies engulfed in strategic planning

“Military Style Leadership Perspectives – Utah National Guard and Utah Air National Guard”

” Civic Leadership in Action – Township, City and County Government” – Connections with Civic Leaders and insight into their leadership styles

“Project Leadership and Graduation” – Putting strategies and insights learned through the course into action in benefiting a local non-profit organization

Individuals interested in participating must complete an application to include a signature of support from your employer, and commitment to attend all ten sessions.

Applications for the 2017/2018 program are being accepted through August 15th for early bird discounted price of $795.  After August 15th, the price will be $895.

Don’t miss this great business leadership training opportunity.

Leadership Institute Board of Trustees


Chair:  Paul Howard – Chick-fil-A  – 801-968-8267

Vice-Chair:  Michael Anglin – UPS – 801-558-9192

Secretary:  Carol Ormond – Salt Lake County Library – 801-944-7515

Board Members:

Clint Jensen – Granger Hunter Improvement District

Clyde Marshall – Perspicacity, LLC

Maggie Mills – Hunter Library

Debbie Petersen – Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

Board Meetings:  3rd Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at ChamberWest

Sessions:  10 Month Program – 2nd Thursday of the Month – September – June