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    Meet one of our newest members. Valley Law Utah, a law firm that is a dedicated force to helping individuals who have personal injury experiences.  Valley Law was started by friends Jon Taylor, Brigham Richards, and Justin Hall.  Brigham and Jon make up the legal team behind the name as Justin manages business operations.  Because of the personal attention they give to each case, they have seen tremendous growth during their first year of being in business.  Motivated by a passion for justice as well as personal experience, Brigham and Jon truly put their hearts and souls into the work they do.  Justin Hall, their Marketing Director explained that personal injuries are not something you think about happening to you, but when they do, “Valley Law really works hard to make sure people who are truly in need of assistance, get the help they actually require.”

    As the legal team for Valley Law, Brigham and Jon have known each other since high school, both went through law school at the same time, and both have discovered a passion for helping individuals understand how best to navigate the aftermath of a serious incident. 

    When asked what they felt most important for people to know about Valley Law, Brigham said he wants people to understand that anyone can call and they will help with anything they can.  He said, “I don’t want people to be afraid of what they think an attorney will cost.  We live and work in this community, and we really are here to help our friends and neighbors around us.”

    Jon would also like people to know, “Individuals going through a stressful time really need [and deserve] personal attention to their case.  We do this to be in the Service Industry, and we are really working to become the go-to law firm for personal injury in the State of Utah.”

    Justin agrees with both Brigham and Jon, but he added, “I want people to understand two things.  One, it is so important to have an attorney when dealing with a personal injury issue and; two, we are always looking at what is best to help our clients by closely paying attention to their needs.  That’s what really sets us apart from other law firms.” 

    Some additional items of interest about Valley Law Utah are that they are fluent in Spanish and English, they service the entire State of Utah, they are thrilled with the team they have built, and they are well-connected.

    After meeting with Valley Law Utah, to use the word “help” does not fully describe how hard Brigham and Jon work for their clients.  If you find yourself in need of an attorney for a personal injury issue, they encourage you not to wait to call them.  They can be found at 2880 West 4700 South, Suite I, West Valley City, UT  84129.  Their phone number is 801-810-9999.  Find them online at www.valleylawutah.com

    Valley Law has been a member of ChamberWest since November 2018.

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