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    December 12, 2018
    It is extremely important to communicate your business in terms of what you offer, but we know that each company has a unique story to tell.  ChamberWest would love to help you tell your story.

    We want to know:  Why was your company founded?  What was the catalyst that kicked it all off?  What hurdles did/does your company face as it moves toward accomplishing goals? 

    Here are five ways your Chamber of Commerce can help tell your story:
    1. Once you’re involved in your Chamber, join in the online community they have.  Participate in submitting special events for your company to them to include on their website and in their newsletters.  Post your Hot Deals, keep your information up to date, etc.  Participate on social media as much as you can.  This interaction increases your digital reach.
    2. Volunteer to sponsor or host a networking event, either at your location, if you have the room, or offer to sponsor refreshments/giveaways. Typically, Chambers love to recognize their sponsors or even give them a few minutes to speak at the events they host. Great stories inspire people, use these opportunities to tell your WHY. Let others know why you do what you do and what you need to get where you're headed.
    3. Ask if your Chamber will do an article or writeup on your company and post it to their social media accounts. Make sure you utilize their expertise on building followers and marketing in their social arena. When you share these articles, you're not only promoting yourself, but you're also helping to promote your Chamber.
    4. When you attend events, search for connections that complement what you do. Look for ways you could collaborate together. Share referrals around to other Chamber Members. Educating additional Chamber Members on what you do gives them the ability to refer business to your company as well. Networking also allows you to return the favor in connecting them with others in your contact group.
    5. Give feedback. Communicate with your Chamber of Commerce about the programs they do. Help them identify the programs it should be doing. Giving feedback helps your Chamber provide the necessary resources, experiences, and opportunities for its members.
    Utilizing your Chamber of Commerce to help tell your story will engrain you as a vital member of your local business community, can aid you in reaching your target market, and allow you to participate in giving back to a network that you help to build.

    About the Author:  Becky Guertler is the Director of Business Development and Sales for ChamberWest Chamber of Commerce, which serves the Kearns Metro Township, City of Taylorsville, and West Valley City areas.  To join ChamberWest, contact her at 801-977-8755 or via email: Becky@chamberwest.org
    Becky Guertler, Director, Business Development and Sales

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